Important changes to our awards 2017-18

We are currently undertaking a redesign of our awards schemes (July 2017-December 2017).

We are grateful to all the schools that took part in our consultation during spring 2017. So much of what you fed back will shape the new awards scheme including trying to reduce paperwork and extend the revalidation period.

For those already on the journey to achieving our awards, please do not worry as your work will not be lost. Despite changes, we will not completely phase out the old award schemes until July 2018. Anyone wanting to start our awards from scratch, however, will be asked to wait for our re-launch so we can get them onto our new awards instead.

Information will be provided as we complete the redesign. Please do contact the healthy schools team with any questions you might have:


A new website for September 2017

As part of our redesign of the Healthy Schools programme we will be launching a new website on September 1st: This website will CLOSE Sept 1st.