PSHE - Overview

What is PSHE?

PSHE education can be defined as a planned programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future

As part of a whole school approach, PSHE education develops the qualities and attributes pupils need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.



Our aim for PSHE in Bristol

‘Every pupil currently at school in Bristol will follow a planned, progressive programme of PSHE Education, including RSE, delivered by teachers who have received training and support to deliver good/outstanding lessons’

The learning materials, information and resources that can be found on the Bristol Healthy Schools Website have been selected to meet the needs of all schools who are working towards developing their programmes of study for PSHE education and aiming for best practice.

Teaching high quality PSHE is a requirement of all schools engaged with the Bristol Healthy Schools programme and aspiring to gain the Mayor’s Award for Excellence as a Health Improving School. Those schools working on the PSHE Education standards can access further guidance and support.


You can find the following support, advice and materials available on the Bristol Healthy Schools Website:

  • Advocating for PSHE Delivery in Bristol Schools – further details and papers that will help schools to raise awareness about the importance of PSHE Education in young people’s development
  • Consultation and Support in SchoolsIndividual school consultation meetings are available to support and advise on developing programmes of study for PSHE Education
  • Network Meetings – Six PSHE Network meetings are held every year for PSHE Coordinators; these encourage best practice, peer support and remain an important opportunity to deliver updates on a range of issues staff will be covering in PSHE. These can be found on the Healthy Schools Calendar
  • Resources – we offer schools a range of locally produced resources written in-house or in collaboration with local partners. We have also provided links to resources available nationally for all schools to access
  • Guidance Documents – links to all national and local PSHE Education related guidance notes and documents to support schools
  • Campaigns – Schools are encouraged to follow and support a range of local and national campaigns that focus on PSHE related issues. Materials related to these campaigns are available to support schools