Healthy Schools Standards

The Standards Award requires schools to embed 28 standards in their setting. The standards cover many aspects of public health, including Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) Education, Relationships & Sex Education (RSE), Food & Nutrition, Physical Activity, Emotional Health & Wellbeing (EH&WB) and Local & National Initiatives.

The school sets up a Health & Wellbeing Group that RAG (red, amber, green) rates the school against the 28 standards. The school, steered by the Health & Wellbeing Group, works on those standards marked as red or amber to ensure each criterion is fully met. Listening to, and acting upon, pupils’ suggestions and feedback is a crucial part of this process.

Once the school has met all the standards, a group of pupils create a Pupil Report, focusing on one standard. This helps demonstrate how the Healthy Schools Standards are embedded across the school.

Schools can choose to meet the Bristol Healthy Schools Standards and/or Outcomes. Schools demonstrating sustained commitment, achieving both Standards and Outcomes within 2 years, can progress to gain the prestigious Mayor’s Award for Excellence as a Health Improving School.



Standards Award Audit & Evidence 2016-17 FINAL (March 17): The Health & Wellbeing Group RAG (red, amber, green) rates their school against the 28 standards and works towards embedding them into school life.

Standards Award Guidance 2016-2017 FINAL (March 17): An essential document with guidance on what actions and evidence are required to meet the Bristol Healthy Schools Standards.