Healthy Schools Outcomes Award

The Healthy Schools Outcomes Award requires schools to demonstrate significant changes in children’s health behaviours following a plan, do, review process.

Plan: Schools select up to two health priorities for improvement based on the data available to them in their Health Data profile and other sources of in school data; then selects interventions to improve health behaviours of all of its pupils and a targeted group of pupils

Do: In order to achieve the Healthy Schools Outcomes Award, schools must record baseline data that reflects the starting point of pupil’s health behaviours. The school sets 2 universal and 2 targeted outcomes which they intend to achieve by the introduction of interventions. It collects both qualitative and quantitative baseline data for each outcome. The school then puts in place interventions designed to improve health behaviour. The duration of the interventions will depend on its nature.

Review: Finally, the school records post-intervention data, using the same collection method used for the baseline data. When comparing the before and after data there must be at least a 10% shift towards positive health behaviour to achieve the award.

The school writes two Case Stories to share what they did, why they did it and what happened as a result.

Taking a cyclical ‘Plan, Do, Review’ approach allows the school to embed good practice and continuously improve health behaviour of children in their setting.

Schools can choose to meet the Bristol Healthy Schools Standards and/or Healthy Schools Outcomes. Schools demonstrating sustained commitment, achieving both Standards and Outcomes within 2 years, will be acknowledged with the prestigious Mayor’s Award for Excellence as a Health Improving School.



Behaviour Change Spiral  An outline of the process the school takes in order to plan, do and review the interventions that lead to health behaviour change within their setting.

Sources of Data  This document outlines the sources of data available to the school when undertaking their needs analysis in preparation of setting health behaviour outcomes.

Outcomes Booklet A list (though not exhaustive) of suggested health behaviour change outcomes the school can choose from based on the findings of their needs analysis.

Universal Outcomes Report & Targeted Outcomes Report  The school chooses 2 universal and 2 targeted outcomes based on need and collects both qualitative and quantitative baseline data and follow up data for each.